Meet the Team

They live as naturally as possible, roaming free on a tussock topped plateau under the Cardrona Mountain – a winter resort. They are barefoot (unshod) and are trained using Natural Horsemanship techniques. All these principles make for a happier, more willing and controllable horse, enhancing the enjoyment of your ride.

The Appaloosa horses at Backcountry Saddles are bred from North American Indian Horses, and were first named by early white settlers after encountering the Nez Perce tribes in the region of Eastern Washington and Idaho.  Bred for their colouring, they have been happily nicknamed the “painted ponies”. Leopard spot, blanket, or roan are the predominant colorations.

Appaloosas have a distinctive white sclera around the eyes, a short tail and mane and are surefooted in mountainous conditions – not surprisingly, since they were used annually by the tribes to cross the Rocky Mountains for trade and hunting.

Most importantly for Debs, Appaloosas are renowned for their even temperament and she loves them for it.  This gentle nature has allowed her children and many others to grow up around (and even under) the horses’ feet.

Appaloosas are (not surprisingly) often thought of as a Western riding horse and so Debs has chosen to use western saddles on her horse back riding trips.  There are plenty of trusty steeds to choose from, and Debs thinks of them as her co-workers and family.

To find out more about Appaloosa horses we recommend checking out the Apaloosa club of NZ or the International Appaloosa Club.